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News Industry News Differences between two common swimming pool water treatment equipment

Differences between two common swimming pool water treatment equipment

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Common swimming pool water treatment equipment, there are two, one is the traditional swimming pool equipment and pool equipment Wall. Both devices have their own characteristics, the choice should be selected according to the needs of the construction of the pool. There are differences between the two pools.


        First, there is not the same in terms of filtration cycle.


        1. Traditional-style swimming pool water treatment equipment selection of sand filter to filter, usually used single or multilayer filter media, usually used 30-45M / H of the filtration speed. Normal water filter next obvious effect, the pool can be maintained at 5NTU turbidity less clear when the possible use of backwash method, the leading body conditioning can be arbitrary flow direction and a method of operation by.

        2. The wall-mounted devices are typically chosen filtering method, at the outlet of the pump added a filter membrane. The role of such devices is typically water, fine particles in the water can not be filtered out. It is the choice of washable or artificial exchange membrane method, typically using filtration membrane after a year and must be replaced. Clear process is relatively complex, usually two people to use 12 hours.


        Secondly, both have a certain difference in the use of constant temperature equipment.

        Traditional devices use the heat exchanger or heat pump plus electric thermostat thermostat can save energy. And device for automatic thermostat control. But Wall amusement water treatment equipment no thermostat system is not suitable for heated pool.

        Once again, both in terms of increased drug there are not the same.

Traditional dosing device normally coagulation liquid filtration before settling fine particles in the water, filter the water and then adding a disinfectant or PH balancing agent. On the dosing methods usually use the meter to control the dosage of the drug, together can facilitate automatic handling. The Wall of swimming pool water treatment equipment is the most taboo before filtration coagulant dosing when dosing medication, usually set two dosing devices.

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