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News Industry News How to safely use, management of water slides

How to safely use, management of water slides

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1 should be published various water rides at amusement rules and obvious location for the visitor, operational services should keep the tourists to promote its considerations, and set repeatedly broadcast propaganda, remind visitors pay attention to safety, to stop the dangerous behavior of tourists, accident prevention happened.

Two pairs prone to dangerous parts should be obvious to remind visitors to pay attention to warning signs.

3 shall be established for each water recreation project monitoring station, there is someone on duty, monitoring the number and location of stations should be able to see the entire pool range.

4 prescribed with adequate lifeguards. Lifeguard subject to the provisions of the relevant departments, specially trained to master life-saving knowledge and skills and certificates.

5 reports at any time the weather changes to tourists, visitors set up shelter, shelter or safe place with other protective measures.

6 within the ground water park, ensure no water, no broken glass and other sharp objects.

7 Set the duty room, with attendant, as well as clinics, working with competent emergency medical and first aid facilities.

8 safe use of chemicals, the business day before the bottom of the pool cleaned once on the surface floating debris should be salvaged.

Regularly check the water quality, water quality should be consistent every day 9 GB9667-1996 "swimming health standards" requirement, safety management and quality of service should follow the "safety and service quality amusement park (field)," the provisions of GB / T16767-1997.

10 Opening Night, the main channel and the public spaces shall be provided with adequate lighting equipment, children wading pool, children's slide pool, its surface illumination of not less than 75LX, other recreational pool not less than 50LX.

11 in the play process, the state should pay close attention to the safety of tourists, timely to remind visitors to pay attention to security matters, and promptly correct the tourists do not meet the safety requirements of behavior. Exclude security risks.

12 visitors some recreational activities are subject to the requirements of health conditions or diseases are not suitable for some patients to participate should be at the entrance to the "warning" approach to be published in the event.

13 pools or slides must be carried out by the shower, immersion foot pleasure before disinfection or after it.

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