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News Industry News China Waterpark Future Development

China Waterpark Future Development

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First, the future of China Waterpark faces enormous development opportunities

Compared with developed countries, water park, water park still in our rapid growth, regardless of the quantity, entertainment or technology innovation from the maturity we have a large gap, which also means that China's industry, there is a huge water park development potential. The following factors essential to promote the further development of the water park industry:

1. The rise of the urban middle class

Since the reform and development of China's nearly 40 years of rapid development and improvement of people's income level, the rapid rise of the middle class, to become the pillars of society, and as middle-class incomes and consumption levels to adapt to the water park industry has been good development in a favorable economic environment opportunity.

2. Lifestyle changes

Improvement of living standards brought a rapid increase in private car ownership, the development of the aviation industry are reducing travel costs; while increasing mental and the rising proportion of leisure and entertainment time bring lifestyle changes, tourism and society as a whole Recreation demand also provides a good opportunity for the development of the water park industry.

3. The huge population base

Although China has gradually entered the aging society, but a huge population base makes the country still has the world's largest population of young adults. Meanwhile, China's long-standing leisure and entertainment facilities and the lack of water recreation, consumer demand for this population waterpark has not been fully met, which itself has a huge potential for excavation.

4. incentives gradually introduced

With the upgrading of China's economic restructuring and promote consumption in China's economy to enhance the quality and quantity of the increasingly important strategic position. Policies and measures to promote leisure and entertainment consumption, ranging from paid leave, holidays to increase leisure and entertainment industry investment concessions to be introduced which will Waterpark new round of investment boom have an important impact.


Second, the future water park industry, market demand

In the future, as well as to enhance the rapid increase in the number of tourists waterpark claims, visitors will be more and more selective, but also becoming more demanding. In such a situation, the main demands of the market will focus on the following aspects:

1. Brand and reputation in the market

Waterpark tourists choose the first choice of brand and market reputation, well-known brand and good reputation in the market generally represents the advanced products, excellent service and safe and comfortable environment, it becomes the most important factors in making purchasing decisions. Waterpark enhance market reputation and brand recognition, mainly through three ways, one is usually independently owned park on the scale and uniqueness become market leader; the second is through high-quality corporate culture and standardization of services to achieve the brand's expansion and upgrade ; Third, joint leisure brand known chain, for example, water park built in the hotel brand to increase brand awareness.

2. unique and unforgettable entertainment experience

Tourists Waterpark seeking joy, relaxing entertainment experience, warm atmosphere of family gatherings, holidays or weekends the whole family can pursue recreation opportunities together. These demands primarily through extensive water park equipment, a variety of family activities are met. In the early waterpark development, market leader depends mainly on the scale of victory, at the same time create a unique themed environments, buy the latest water park equipment, but in the market to a certain maturity in the future, also we need to find unique competitive strategies outside the scale competition . For example, the new water park equipment ingenious, and visitors can bring a unique feeling of music, lighting and audio-video.

3. The environment is clean, safe

Waterpark particularity of its products, visitors to a clean water environment, safety and comfort are higher, especially for families with children up to the requirements of safety considerations. Therefore, the success of indoor water park will be the environment clean, comfortable and safe as a core competence to build.

4. The type and quality of facilities and services

With the disposable time and disposable income increases, more and more tourists will not be satisfied with a single way of leisure, they will move more and higher requirements in restaurants, sightseeing, shopping and other entertainment. Thus, the type and quality of facilities and services will occupy an increasingly important position in the water park attraction constitution.

5. Convenience

When Waterpark number reaches a certain size, competition, except for a few outside the industry leader, the majority of the water park will be difficult to become a major destination for tourists, who will visit on holidays or car in the famous tourist areas, holiday resort tour Waterpark nearby. Therefore, the convenience of the location will be a considerable part of the future water park core elements of competitive advantage, while the metropolitan area or the famous scenic spots, resorts will be difficult to become the preferred site waterpark cloth main destination.


Third, China's water park industry, there is the current major problems and constraints

Although China's water park industry has made considerable progress, but with respect to the current and future demands of the market for some time, the current development of China's water park still faces some problems, mainly in:

1. competition

Successful foreign waterpark compared to, in addition to a few brands waterpark start through innovation and gradually formed its own core competitiveness, the current majority of domestic water park still remain in plagiarism, imitation stage, lack of innovation, not distinctive local culture, not to develop their own games and entertainment, resulting in a low degree of market acceptance, difficult to create economies of scale in nature. Many water park rides unchanged for many years, lack of freshness, visitors to re-visit rate.

2. The risk factor

With the improvement of people's living standards, people are no longer just to stay in the water park swimming simple place, but like an integrated experience can bring water park. Waterpark in the business for some time, if not able to adapt to changes in market demand in technological innovation and transformation, its aging water play equipment will make it greatly reduced the attractiveness, tourist market is shrinking, leading to deterioration in business conditions. Therefore, water park equipment universal update soon, and more inclined to seek thrills, the risk factor is greatly increased. Correspondingly, our country water park equipment is nearly 20 years to develop new industries, a late start, the design and manufacture has not yet accumulated a wealth of experience, some water park equipment manufacturers quality assurance system is not perfect, resulting in some poor quality water play equipment, water play equipment so that there are security risks. At the same time some of the water park, there are some problems in the management and quality of personnel, maintenance and other forces. Thus, in recent years to meet the people's needs in the water park, water park equipment updating, while also increasing the risk factor.

3. Economic benefits

On the economic benefits, there is now a lot of two aspects waterpark. First, a single point of profit growth, investment recovery is slow. Most of the water park ticket sales as a major source of income for profitable success abroad waterpark in the park dominate the consumer has not given sufficient attention. Insufficient funding and a lot of water park, unable to provide for the further development of adequate financial support, so that the development of its successor be a big problem, leading to high ticket, travel and suppress people's desire for consumption, reducing water park visitors to re-visit rate. The second is associated with a considerable part of the water park and real estate too closely.


Fourth, some of the future trend of the industry waterpark

In the foreseeable future, China's water park industry will continue to maintain rapid growth. Internally industry, the status of different scale enterprises in the direction of development and market positioning will be further differentiation may arise some trends:

1. The direction of the "biggest and best" is still the industry leader

In order to maintain freshness revisit rate increase, the water park will continue to grow more complex novel of entertainment (for example, wave pool, activity pool, a children's activity area, and more complex water slide), constantly updated equipment and water park rides. The new expansion project to bring make the size of the park continues to expand, but also from existing developments at home and abroad, the largest and most advanced water park indeed perform better in the market. These industry leaders will focus on the large size of the market and the famous scenic city, resort, or even go out into the direction of their own national or regional importance destination development. In the value chain, they will extend to the upstream and downstream value chain, formed entertainment, leisure, tourism, catering, accommodation and shopping as one of the super entertainment complex.

2. The chain will become the main form of expansion

In the current development trend of China's economic New Normal, and huge amounts of money to increase with the rapid development of the national tourism development support, as well as the inflow of tourism industry to bring some water park has sufficient funds will be rapid expansion of the brand, which, chain management will be the primary way of expansion, some of the chain's brand expansion rate will increase. This aspect will lead entertainment, water play equipment and service standards convergence, but on the other hand, China's blank spots on the map waterpark will rapidly decrease.

3. The characteristics of the asset-light and water park will become the mainstream of the development of regional and local water park

On the one hand, they will be positioned for the local market or neighboring markets, water park equipment on the project and pay more attention to the characteristics, and strive to give visitors a unique experience, and more integrated into the local culture, which has targeted to meet local or nearby residents fragmentation entertainment needs. On the other hand, they may invest only water park, leasing land, and relevant local or chain joint, for example, and hotels, spas, restaurants and other enterprises to cooperate together to meet the diverse needs of tourists, rather than asset-heavy water Paradise as their own to create a variety of formats.

4. The intensity of competition in the industry will increase dramatically, and opportunities coexist crisis

First, along with the effect of making money, more and more investors to enter the water park industry, part of the market oversupply and low quality of the shortcomings have been exposed, investors need to have a fresh mind and scientific decision-making, not to blindly follow the trend of investment; secondly with the release of the Chinese general public entertainment consumer demand, more and more international attention to the theme park giant Chinese market, such as Disney's global leader has been or will gradually enter the Chinese market. And the overall situation of China theme park and water park, although considerable progress has been made, a number of industry leaders have formed some of their own core competencies, but in the quality and degree of internationalization on the distance between these international giants are still gaps, this will lead to competition in China Waterpark leader status fiercer than ever. In addition, the water park will be more international, the first to enter the Chinese market, in addition to two or three well-known international companies, more foreign water park equipment manufacturers, international management company and the new water park swimming interactive rides have begun to enter China, in this regard It brings a new perspective for the Chinese market, water park, but also further exacerbated the competition in the market. Survival of the fittest competition in the future pattern of a large number of situation will arise.

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